Republican Convention Host Committee Tied to Company Moving Jobs to Mexico

Yesterday, we looked at the host committee unfurling the carpet in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention this summer, including three locals with a number of questionable associations. Now we’re examining the Republican National Convention’s host committee chairs, most of whom are connected to an electrical equipment and car parts manufacturer called Eaton Corporation.

Although presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump often whips crowds into a racist frenzy over foreigners–particularly Mexicans–“stealing” American jobs, three of the four chairs of the RNC’s Cleveland host committee have ties to Eaton, which has recently moved hundreds of American jobs from Ohio (Aurora, Berea), Iowa (Shenandoah), and Wisconsin (Madison, Watertown) to Mexico. Eaton has also received over one hundred million dollars worth of federal contracts, even after moving its headquarters from Cleveland to Dublin to have a lower tax rate.

Ahead of the Ohio primary, Trump assailed Eaton for outsourcing jobs, labeling the company’s actions “gross incompetence at the highest level.”

Eaton’s ties to the RNC host committee are explored in the map below: