All about that data

Well-tended profiles on LittleSis can be chock full of interesting and useful information, but where do you begin? A few months ago we rolled out a new tab designed to help you isolate only the information you want to see. Now it’s time for a formal introduction.

Every profile page for people and organizations now has a ‘Data’ tab.

GS 1

This will allow you to filter the information on the profile page by relationship category, entity type, industry, and interlocks with other people or corporations. You can even just use it to view the current board of directors or executives.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.09.49 AM

We applied this same tab to lists. Now when viewing a list of individuals you can use the data tab to sort the list members by entity type, industry, and common interlocks. For example, there are 373 names on the Obama 2012 Bundlers list. You can now use the data tab to more precisely filter those connections.

list data 1

Super cool feature alert: When in the data tab, use the drop down menu from the ‘Lists’ box to see how many individuals are on different lists across the database. Select a list and the individuals connected between the two lists will show up.

List interlocks

You can click the “link” button to link to this filtered view of the data. Or if you want to work with the data in a spreadsheet format, click “Export CSV.” The data from that view will automatically download, and you’ll be able to mark it up and analyze it to your heart’s content.