Oligrapher updates: home page, interlocks, and more

We have some exciting updates to share about Oligrapher, the LittleSis power mapping tool.

First, it has a brand new home page. Check out all of the amazing visualizations created with Oligrapher since we introduced the tool last year, create a map or sign up for an account, and share the page far and wide! Map all the graft…with Oligrapher.

And some new editing features:

Oli multi shot 6

Add all of the interlocks with CNTRL + I

Mapping the revolving door? Use this command to quickly add interlocks between two entities in LittleSis. When you have your primary entities ready to go on the map just select one, hit CNTRL + I, and select the other entity.


You will automatically populate your map with all of the interlocks between these two entities.


Looking for a quick (and startling) way to test this out? Create a new map and add Comcast Corporation and the FCC to the map page. Use the interlocks command to find the copious links between this corporation and it’s primary regulator.

Embed a map!

You can now embed the maps you create! When you are in view mode, simply click the ’embed’ link and the code will appear.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.26.08 PM

You can customize the size and zoom level and once embedded, you can edit the map through LittleSis and the changes will appear on your site. Check out Oligrapher in ThinkProgress, Republic Report, and Business Insider!

Add all of the relationships with CNTRL + R

Looking to quickly add a bunch of relationships to your map? Use the CNTRL + R command to quickly add in any kind of relationship available on LittleSis. When you select an entity and use this command you will be given a drop down menu of the different relationship categories available.

JB 1

Just select the relationship type, set the number of relationships you wish to add, et voila, instant map. The number of entities will default to 10 unless you specify otherwise. For this quick map featuring Jeb Bush, I selected “position” from the relationship menu.

JB 2

Happy mapping everyone!