Join a LittleSis training!

Look familiar? You can now join a free online training to get over the hump and start using LittleSis for your power research!

The real value of LittleSis is that anyone can edit and add data to keep the information accurate, current, and most importantly, growing. The more that our community of researchers, journalists, academics, activists, and concerned citizens add their research to LittleSis, the more we can build a collective understanding of the networks of power that shape public policy in our country. Contact us to join a training.

Here are five things LittleSis can help you with that we’ll cover in the training:

1. Use our bookmarklet to quickly add relationships as you read the news.

2. Upload an organization’s entire list of board members and view their interlocks based on existing data in LittleSis.  As you add new relationships for the board members, their interlocks will update automatically.

3. Import and analyze political contributions made by the organization’s board members with just a few more clicks.  Donation data is collated by the politicians and political organizations receiving donations for easy analysis.

4. Keep a list of the people and organizations you’re investigating so everything’s in one place every time you resume your research.  Interlocks and political spending can also be viewed by list.

5. Create or join a research group to collaboratively investigate a particular research question or topic with other users.  Add lists to your group and send notes to other group members to share findings or ask questions.

Contact us today about joining a training! If you have 5 or more friends and colleagues interested in a specific research question/topic or tool in LittleSis, we can work with you to customize your training.  In the meantime, please email us with questions or search our help center.