LittleSis is here to help!

We are excited to roll out a new, comprehensive help center to guide our users as they add, edit and analyze data on LittleSis. We have added lots of documentation, as well as a simple layout and a search bar that makes it quick and easy for beginner and advanced analysts to find the information they’re looking for.

Our community of users is the lifeblood of LittleSis. We wouldn’t have over 640,000 relationships among the power elite documented on the site without all of you! That’s why we decided to revamp our help pages and make it easier than ever to map power networks on LittleSis.

  • Joining us for the first time? The help center can get you started adding and editing content.
  • Ready to take your analysis to the next level? Learn how to use our advanced features in the help center.
  • Got stuck before? Give it another shot with the help center at your side!

Check it out now or read on to learn more about some of the new features.

Straightforward organization: Our help center is organized into a Beginner manual, which explains the basics like adding a new person or writing a note, and an Advanced manual, which explains tools available to more experienced users such as creating a new list or adding relationships in bulk. Each manual includes several sections. Click a section heading (ie. Profiles) to see the titles of every article in that section and click a title to jump to that article.

Clear and concise content: Once you’ve found the article you’re looking for, we want it to provide useful answers to your questions.  Many of our articles offer numbered step-by-step tutorials explaining a particular process. If the article references another subject you may be unfamiliar with, we’ll provide a link to more information.

Comprehensive documentation: Some important advanced features on LittleSis have never gotten the documentation they’ve deserved, such as the bulk adding feature, the bookmarklet, and the network search tool. The help pages now provide a window onto some tools you may not have known about previously, but which can really improve the experience of adding and analyzing data on the site.

Easy to search: You may have noticed we’re big on searching over here at LittleSis, so having the new help content be searchable was one of our top priorities. The search bar is located at the top of every page in our help center (and only searches help content).

We hope you find our help center valuable. Let us know what you think! As always, if you have a question and can’t find the answer, please contact us.