Analyst roundup

A brief roundup of what’s going on around today…

* Inside the Obama White House. Priscilla, destructor & co continue to power through the Obama White House visitors list, which now includes over 150 visitors to top White House officials. Goldman Sachs has ties to more visitors than any other business, according to our current data.

* Cuomo. Andrew.stecker is digging deep into the networks of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is preparing for a gubernatorial bid against incumbent David Patterson. WileECoyote chipped in with a contribution of his own, noting that Cuomo used to be married to Kerry Kennedy.

* The Boston Chamber. Following on yesterday’s post on the Coakley campaign and making use of our new bulk upload tool (still in the testing phase), I added all 122 board members of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce to the database. Whew! (sometimes this site is far too addictive). In any case, advanced analysts will be able to turn all kinds of speedy tricks with this magical piece of software in the future.

* New analysts. Today’s new analysts include FlintFM, J.DANQUIST, and Justice4u. Welcome aboard! If you’re an experienced analyst, consider dropping them a welcome note and offering your support as they learn the ropes.