Names in the news, 11.23.2009

Former White House counsel Greg Craig first won then lost the torture transparency debate to National Security Council staffer Denis McDonough and a posse of ex-CIA directors, according to a must-read piece in Time.

Senator Mary Landrieu got $300 million in Medicaid for her state in exchange for her vote to allow the Senate to debate the healthcare reform bill. Republicans have dubbed this episode of Washington dealmaking the Louisiana Purchase.

Rumors are flying that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon would be next in line to replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs continues to explain, ever-so-patiently, why we shouldn’t blame them for stealing taxpayer money.

Note: Ellen, who did an incredible job compiling the morning links these past five months, has moved on to a new full-time gig. Though she continues to log in over the intertubes and profile the powers that be, she is no longer keeping close watch for LittleSis names in the news, so we will be experimenting with some new ways of managing that constant flow and finding stuff that matters and relates to our work here at LittleSis.

And, to borrow a line from Ellen: we here at LittleSis salute you!