Hormats salutes Chevron

Given his role in financing a genocidal regime, it is only fitting that Robert Hormats would salute the oil conglomerate Chevron as an example of “corporate excellence” in one of his first official acts as undersecretary of state (h/t Aleinad!).

Just a few weeks ago, EarthRights International also recognized Chevron…for enriching Burma’s military junta.

Chevron is a notorious human rights abuser and environmental villain. Check out its Crocodyl page page for a full catalogue of wrongdoing, or Kyle’s post on the company’s network to see why they get away with it.

Hormats was confirmed as undersecretary of state on September 23 after running two months of damage control around revelations of his role in the PetroChina-Sudan deal. Friends were pressed into service, human rights NGOs got special phone calls from the nominee himself (“I lived in Africa. I have African friends.”), and eventually Hormats’s buddies on the Senate Foreign Relations committee waved him through with a “tsk” or two and grins all around.

And just a few days into his job, he’s already finding creative ways to play to his base. Genius!

The particular entity recognized by Hormats, Chevron Phillippines, is actually the target of a human rights campaign:

In Pandacan, over 84,000 residents face daily exposure to the hazardous operations of a depot owned by Chevron, Shell and Petron. Residents are concerned about the dangers of the depot, including the risk of fires, explosions, and chronic health impacts. FACES partners with Pandacan community groups to pressure for responsible closure of the depot, environmental cleanup, and revitalization of the area.

The campaign is seeking volunteer support here.

That silly Hormats. He’s at it again!!