Almost There! Only $115 to go on Bay Area Funding

After about six weeks of drawing interest, building new friendships, and researching our brains out, we’ve managed to collect 27 donations from organizations and individuals who are rallying behind the Bay Area Research Project.  The result?  We’re inspired, and working harder than ever to close the funding gap, and publish our final research.

Why Donating Is Important

Hitting the $800 donation goal is more than a matter of pride for us.  Achieving our goal proves that ground-up, community-oriented projects are viable means for LittleSis to sustain itself in a future where grants and traditional sources of funding are scarce.

Cool Stuff We Have Already Done

If you haven’t donated yet, take a look at what we’ve already produced from our research:

How to Donate

Visit our pitch on, and click I’ll Donate $20. Don’t worry – you can donate as much or as little as you’d like.  Even $5 helps.

Tell Us What You Want

Is there something specific you’d like for us to research?  Email us and let us know.