Baucus offers higher subsidies, other changes to healthcare bill

The new markup of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus‘s healthcare proposal offers higher subsidies for the financially strapped, and limits penalties and those affected by a new tax. The overhaul is expected to return favor from key Republican Senator Olympia Snowe. (LATimes)

The Massachusetts Senate voted to allow Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick the final vote on the interim replacement for Sen. Ted Kennedy. The replacement Senator is likely to be a democrat, which may help Obama overcome Republican attempts to block health reform. (Reuters)

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf will add the title of Chairman when Dick Kovacevich retires early next year. (SFGate)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company publicly announced plans to leave the US Chamber of Commerce, citing irreconcilable difference with the “extreme position on climate change” maintained by the latter. (SFGate)

Tribune Co.‘s recently-announced plans to sell the Chicago Cubs are likely to be challenged by the IRS. (Chicago Sun-Times)