Health care blogs you should be reading

In addition to big print media sources, we here at LittleSis have been carefully following what the powerful blog world has to say. With respect to our health care project, there is a lot of quality stuff being written out in the blogosphere. All of you looking up congressional-staffers-turned-healthcare-lobbyists might be interested to see what’s being posted out there.

The New York Times launched a health care reform blog last week named Prescriptions. Although late to the blogging game, the Times staked its claim by identifying the key players in the health care debate. They’re also posting two to three times a day because they have a whole host of contributors.  The blog is aggressively updated by Times political reporter Katharine Seelye and supplemented with smaller items by Washington reporters Andrea Fuller, David Herszenhorn, Robert Pear and unidentified health care “experts.”

NPR also has a blog mostly written by Scott Hensley (former health blogger for the Wall Street Journal, incidentally). It mixes science health news with stories from Washington, but Hensley is clearly well-versed in past reform efforts on the Hill.

Washington Post’s Daily Dose blog cross-posts health care news from its other blogs. It’s a comprehensive news round-up, but doesn’t offer much in the way of original commentary.

Here are some other excellent independent blogs you should be reading:

If there are any other health care blogs you’re checking, leave a link to them in the comments so we can peek, too.