Partnership with Responsible Endowments Coalition

LittleSis is excited to announce a new partnership with the Responsible Endowments Coalition (REC). REC trains and supports college students making social change by pushing their universities to make responsible investment common practice.

I got to meet a bunch of these students at their retreat in Brooklyn last weekend. They are working on some really great projects – from establishing responsible investment committees to engaging with less-than-responsible companies.  I joined them to share some of the LittleSis expertise on researching the decision-makers at their schools. When REC students head back to their campuses in the fall they will be able to us LittleSis as a research tool and as a place to store their findings. If you are a student and want to use LittleSis to help you win on your campus, get in touch with erin [at] Littlesis [dot] org.