How to Profile Investors on LittleSis

In response to a couple of questions I’ve received from analysts lately, I wanted to provide a simple set of instructions for profiling investors on LittleSis.

Why Profile Investors?

When prominent investors such as John Paulson make investment decisions, it can have a large impact on the public perception of a given industry.  For example: a recent article on demonstrated that his investment in the CBG sparked a 15% share increase on June 11th.  Moreover, shareholders with a significant stake in a company often gain the right to give input on key business decisions.

How to Track Investments:

1. Navigate to the target organization.

2. Add relationship with investor.

3. Set the relationship type to “Ownership”.

4. Detail the type of investment.

5. Confirm your work.

Looking Forward
Building on this momentum, I’ve started a project to profile all of the top investors in Goldman Sachs.  It may be difficult to glean some of this information, in which case you can look forward to part II of this post, where I will try to offer some insight into various methods of researching investor profiles and relationships.  If you have ideas or suggestions to contribute, please let me know!