Prizes announced for Healthcare Lobbyist Challenge

Our analysts participating in the Healthcare Lobbyist Challenge have been hard at work.  Thanks to them, our list now features 175 staffers-turned-lobbyists.  Our lead analyst, @ddwriter has earned more than 1,000 points while our runners up @Reed.Young and @Priscilla have made some valuable contributions.

If they stay in the lead, they’re going to win some great prizes. First place is going home with a LittleSis tee, an assortment of health care and new media books and be featured in our blog.  Second and third get We the Media, and the t-shirt.  And all three will be featured in Adam’s health care blog at the Huffington Post.

And we’ve decided to give away more stuff! We’re sending every analyst that reaches 150 points a LittleSis tee to say thanks.

We’re handing out big rewards because we need to do big work these next two weeks.  In order to reach our goal of identifying 500 staffers-turned-lobbyists we need to profile 325 lobbyists in 14 days.  Sound impossible?

It’s not, thanks to @Kevin!  Using data from the Center for Responsive Politics, he’s created a list of every person who has lobbied for the health care industry this year. Now all we have to do is check out these folks to see if they have a history on the Hill.

If every member of the HCIU group finds just 14 staffers-turned-lobbyists over the next two weeks, we’ll reach our goal by the end of the contest. That’s just one staffer each day – and if more folks join in it will take even less time.  With Kevin’s list, the work has never been easier! To get access to the spreadsheet, email erin [at] Littlesis[dot] org.

Let’s complete this list before Congress heads back to the Hill!