Obama takes to the streets

With Congress on recess, President Obama himself takes to town hall meetings to convince the public of his health care reform. (WSJ)

As Edward Liddy hands power of AIG over to Robert Benmosche, Liddy writes a confessional letter to employees. (Bloomberg)

Banks now operating in the black, like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are rushing to fill employment vacancies. (Reuters)

Both Obama economic adviser Laura Tyson and Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman agree the economy is in an upswing as a result of the stimulus package. (Bloomberg)

The Congressional Oversight Panel said in a report released today that the Treasury has misused TARP funds, investing money directly into the banks rather than buying up troubled assets as originally intended. (Reuters)

***Analysts: Help us fill out the profiles of these members of the Congressional Oversight Panel: Elizabeth Warren, Richard Neiman and Damon Silvers.