LittleSis gets local

In order to identify 500 congressional-staffers turned health care lobbyists, we’re adding a new twist to our Lobbyist Editing Challenge.  We’re encouraging you, our analysts to host LittleSis house parties.  Grab a few friends, get them signed up as analysts and spend a few hours listening to some good tunes while tracking down health care lobbyists. If you do, we’re going to add 500 points to your score!

If you’re interested, email erin [at] littlesis [dot] org to receive a copy of our LittleSis Party Guide. In it, you’ll find instructions on how to plan a small event that gets your friends and neighbors to help with health care research. The guide also explains what you’ll need to do to get those points added to your score.

Hosting a LittleSis event is easy. Just find a location with internet (anywhere from your apartment to a coffee shop) and a few friends. We love our online community of analysts, but it’s also fun to be around friends as you edit and to be able to share your findings immediately with people who can give you high-fives and build on your work. Plus, it’s a surefire way to get yourself into the top three analysts in our contest.

If you haven’t joined our contest yet, it’s not too late! There is a training call for new analysts tonight at 8 pm EST.  Email erin [at] littlesis [dot] org to get the number.