Sotomayor is confirmed, 68-31

Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed by the Senate, making her the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. (NYT)

Senate Dems have an ally in Republican Lindsey Graham who has said he’ll join with them to overhaul immigration reform later this year. (WSJ)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Henry Waxman are pushing the White House to reconsider how much money they take from drug companies to pay for health reform. (NYT)

Fannie Mae is asking for an additional $10.7 billion, bringing its bailout grand total to $46 billion. (WSJ)

AIG chooses Harvey Golub, former chief of American Express, as its new chairman on the same day it posts a $1.8 billion profit. (Bloomberg)

***Analysts: Harvey Golub’s profile needs some work. Help us find out more about him by doing some digging to build up his relationships.