Shoutout to OpenSecrets

As we announced earlier this week, LittleSis and the Huffington Post Investigative Fund are teaming up to track down former congressional staffers who are now lobbyists for the health care industry.  Slowly but surely we’re making progress – in a short period of time we’ve found lobbyists coming out of the offices of McCain, Baucus and Kerry.

We wanted to give a shout out to our friends at OpenSecrets for making this research easy.  By using their “revolving door” search we’ve been able to quickly find lobbyists with a history on the Hill. We’re so excited about this tool we made a quick video on how to use it!   We hope it’s useful for the folks working on this project or looking to do research of their own.

If you have ideas for other videos that could make research easier, let us know. We’re trying to build tools that make tracking the powers that be as easy as possible.