Senators continue to debate provisions for health care bill

Kent Conrad and other senators are hesitant to tax employer-provided health care benefits, in a move they feel will be unpopular with voters. (WSJ)

Former A.I.G. CEO Maurice Greenberg is cleared of charges that he removed company stock worth $4.3 billion. (NYT)

Our jet-setting president leaves Russia to attend the G8 summit in earthquake-torn in L’Aquila, Italy. (Reuters)

Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler wants to regulate oil, natural gas and energy market trading to ensure that prices for the average consumer don’t fluctuate so suddenly. (NYT)

Wilbur Ross, CEO of WL Ross & Co., acknowledged that his company, a subsidiary of Invesco will lead the government’s PPIP program, along with BlackRock and Wellington Management. (Bloomberg)