Franken finally wins Senate seat

Al Franken finally takes Minnesota’s Senate seat after an eight-month legal battle, securing a democratic majority of 60 in the Senate. Here’s hoping Stuart Smalley goes to Washington with him, too. (NYT)

Mark Sanford may have alluded the news yesterday, but he’s back, claiming “flirtatious” relationships with other women than his Argentinean mistress, and, oh yeah, his wife. (NYT)

Freddie Mac chooses Charles “Ed” Haldeman as its new CEO, in hopes of getting the mortgage lender back on its feet. (WSJ)

Senator Ted Kennedy pushes for public health care that sustains itself, after getting start-up money from the government. (Bloomberg)

At a meeting Tuesday, CEO Edward Liddy didn’t have great news for shareholders of AIG, saying he made “no assurances” to reduce the 80% government stake in the company. (FT)