A.I.G. releases a payment plan

A.I.G. fully intends to pay back the Federal Reserve Bank of New York … eventually. (NYT)

First Spitzer, then Ensign, now Sanford.  Politicians just can’t seem to keep it in their pants. (NYT)

The auto industry isn’t out of the economic fog just yet.  Toyota’s brand new president, Akio Toyoda, predicts two more tough years before a rebound and lays out his plan to make it happen. (Reuters)

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. Rockefeller determines health insurers are using flawed databases from Ingenix, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, and consequently are underpaying millions of insurance claims. (WSJ)

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa calls shenanigans on the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch “shotgun wedding,” claiming the Federal Reserve covered up details of the merger from other federal regulatory agencies. (FT)