Times Union takes notice of NXIVM’s Senate ties

Last week I wrote about the bizarre links between key players in the New York State Senate coup and NXIVM, an “executive success” program that has many characteristics of a cult. The story got some exposure on Monday when it made it into the Albany Times Union, where James Odato noted NXIVM’s connections to the Senate drama:

The odd bedfellows that joined to overturn the Senate have some links to the intriguing Nxvim. The Capital Region company runs some executive success programs that employ questionable tactics to break down clients, according to some people formerly associated with the group, which has made a one watchdog’s list of suspected cults.

Odato links Pigeon and Casey to the Bronfmans, but fails to mention Golisano‘s ties to NXIVM, which were first reported in Artvoice several weeks ago.

Pigeon told the Times Union that he did not know Casey.

There are plenty of unanswered questions surrounding NXIVM, Golisano, Pigeon, and the Senate. We’ll keep digging as time permits.