Today’s headlines

Continental Flight 3407 crashes into house near Buffalo, killing 49 people aboard and one on ground; NTSB investigates. (Buffalo News)*

Heeding Roubini, Times points to insolvency of banking system; Wall Street’s Peterson Institute concurs. (NYT)

SEC, IRS, FBI investigate possible Ponzi scheme; billionaire owner blames “disgruntled former employees.” (Bloomberg)

Director of National Intelligence Blair calls economic meltdown top threat to US security. (NYT)

Gregg ends Commerce bid, cites irreconcilable differences related to Census manipulation. (WaPo)

Baucus slips buyout tax break into stimulus bill, benefiting folks like this, this, and this. (WSJ)

* LittleSis has strong Buffalo ties; we would like to extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims. -Ed.