Crisis and opportunity

The FBI raids the lobbying firm of a former top Murtha aide; influence peddlers scramble for the exits. (WaPo)

Geithner plan draws sharp criticism, Dow plunges; supportive friend identified. (Bloomberg,WSJ)

Mack will pledge, Lewis will dodge, Pandit will promise, Blankfein will mourn. Committee will care? (FT)

Wal-Mart, taking advantage of the economic crisis, renews its effort to push into urban Chicago. (Reuters)

Citigroup execs Lew and Froman scored seven figure salaries and top spots in the Obama administration after their division lost big; Shelby notices. (NYT)

Robert Wolf, a member of Obama’s latest economic board, hails from a bank under federal investigation for a tax scam. (TPM Muckraker)