More names in the news

We’ve gotten a good response to the NameWire, so we are going to start publishing it daily, in a more prominent place on the front page, starting Monday. Let us know what you think of the name in the comments (and if you have other ideas). In the meantime, here’s another set of clips:

Aspects (limo & taxes) of Tom Daschle’s relationship with Leo Hindery end his HHS bid; Nancy Killefer withdraws over tax payment performance failures; Judd Gregg to Commerce. (Bloomberg, ABC)

President Obama and Treasury chief Tim Geithner are set to announce new caps on executive pay at Wall Street firms; JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, defending bonuses, calls tough financial sector jobs “Vietnam.” (NYT, Reuters)

Wells Fargo cancels plans for a junket in Las Vegas in response to public outrage. (WSJ)

S&P drops California’s debt rating to the lowest of the 50 states as Governor Schwarzenegger and other legislative leaders grapple with a $40 billion budget deficit. (LA Times)

Blagojevich: “I’ve been wanting to be on your show in the worst way for the longest time.” (Chicago Tribune)