The buzz is building…

All done with being cooped up in alpha land, LittleSis has been making appearances all over the internet today. We’ve been thrilled with the response. It all started with Sunlight’s post, followed by OpenCongress’s piece yesterday. Today Craig Newmark gave the site a shout out on his blog (cross-posted at Huffington Post). The Institute for the Future of the Book posted an extended entry yesterday, and today techPresident speculated: what happens when the powers that be find out they’re being followed?

And lo and behold, the microsphere is a-twitter.

The response from the Sunlight community has been impressive, and we’re very happy to see so many new analysts sign up to keep watch on the powers that be. In the next few weeks we’ll be posting tips and tricks for making edits, and pointing out profile pages that are looking good, and others that need some TLC. In the meantime, drop us a line if you’ve got questions or suggestions for the site. We’d love to hear from you.

The citizens’ intelligence community is growing by leaps and bounds. Let’s keep it up!