Excited About 2009

Last winter Kevin and I were just beginning to look for funding to grow Little Sister — as the project was then named — from a raggedy prototype to a sophisticated, fast, and reliable public resource. I was living at my parents’ house and Kevin was getting by writing about the (amazingly) still-obscure subprime housing meltdown and its relation to Wall Street.

Much has happened since then. The Sunlight Foundation recognized the potential — and the urgency — of our project and moved quickly to support six months of intensive web development. We’re now putting the finishing touches on a beta that we’re proud of and excited to unveil to the watchdogging world.

These finishing touches include:

  • a robust caching system to improve site performance
  • more names, relationships, photos, logos, and links
  • better instructions for adding content
  • design and UI improvements

Once these are complete, which should happen within the next week or so, the beta launch is official. Expect a post about it from us and Sunlight soon.